San Joaquin Figs background

San Joaquin Figs, Inc. is a dried fig processing and packing company located in Fresno, California.

Family pictureRoy Jura and his son Keith - both life-long members of the California fig industry with extensive backgrounds in farming and processing, founded the company in 1989. Utilizing a “Customer first” philosophy, the company quickly established itself as an industry leader by consistently producing top quality fig products.

San Joaquin packs a complete line of California dried figs, which includes consumer packages, bulk and industrial products-all packaged under the Nutra Fig Label. The company also processes and markets organic figs, which is a market segment experiencing rapid growth.

In the early 1990s, San Joaquin expanded its presence in the industry and solidified its supply base, by planting over 600 acres of figs in eastern Madera County, about 35 miles north of the processing plant. San Joaquin is the only independently owned fig-processing company with its own source of supply, owning over 1000 acres of figs, of which 320 acres are farmed organically. The acreage includes all of the major commercially grown varieties.

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