San Joaquin Figs, Inc. packs a complete line of fig varieties to meet all your bulk needs.

San Joaquin Figs, Inc. produces Bulk cases of whole figs for our customers to repack and use in their retail, bulk or manufacturing applications. Many of our products are available as natural (free from preservatives) and certified organic as well as conventional. We strive to offer the best-in-industry with flavor, quality and food safety.

We take extra steps to make sure that the Nutra-Fig retail packs are the highest quality available. From our attention to detail in the orchard during the growing season and harvest, through the field level sorting and into the production plant, we do everything we can to ensure our product is top of the line. Our products are hand sorted and electronically sorted, and each lot is tested for quality multiple times before release. Most bulk products available are 100% California gown and packed. Imported items are available by special request. Private label arrangements are also available.

Depending on Varietal, we have different sizes of Nutra Figs available. Give us a call or send us an email to find out pricing and availability details.

Case - 30 lb

San Joaquin Figs, Inc. offers every available variety of Nutra Figs in 30 lb bulk cases. We offer Black Mission, Calimyrna, Conadria, Tena and Sierra figs. The 30 lb case is fiber construction with a poly liner.
31.5lbs shipping weight, 60 cases per pallet.


Case - 5lb

All of our products are also available packed in a 5 lb fiber case with a poly liner.
6lbs shipping weight, 294 cases per pallet