San Joaquin Figs, Inc. hand packs a variety of specialty fig products. We take extra steps to make sure that the Nutra-Fig retail packs are the highest quality available.

_MUL8550From our attention to detail in the orchard during the growing season and harvest, through the field level sorting and into the production plant, we do everything we can to ensure our product is top of the line. Our products are hand sorted, then electronically sorted, and each lot is tested for quality multiple times before release. Our retail packs are 100% California gown and packed.

We offer an assortment of retail packs and sizes to meet our customer’s needs. Contact us for private label options. To order individual retail items, visit our Fig Store.


Crown - 9 oz

Garlands of figs have been around of thousands of years. Keith took this as inspiration when he started offering the 9 oz Nutra-Fig crown. This is hand packed in an arrangement that highlights the natural beauty of the fig. We offer Black Mission and Golden California crowns. 24 per case. 15 Lb. shipping weight, 100 cases / pallet.


Tray - 8 oz

Trays of figs are another hand packed arrangement of Dried Figs. 8 oz Nutra-Fig Trays are available in Black Mission and Calimyrna packs. 24 per case, 14 Lbs shipping weight, 144 cases / pallet. The premium 1 lb tray of Extra Fancy Calimyrna is also seasonally available.


Bag - 8 oz

Taste our delicious Nutra Figs and save some for later with the convenient stand-up zipper pouch! The 8 oz bag sports extra room in the packaging to detail more of the benefits of our product. We currently offer Black Mission 8 oz Bags and Golden California 8 oz Bags. Look forward to 8 oz Bags of diced figs, and organics in the near future!


Cup - 12 oz

12 oz of Nutra Figs available in a plastic cup - another traditional style that has maintained popularity because of its attractive presentation.



Another convenient retail configuration that is also very eye catching. Our tubs make an excellent presentation for our high quality Golden California and Mission Nutrafigs.




NutraFig Retail Sheet